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Manufacturing unit, controls, shipping, installation

Weaving yarn manufacturing

The threads are made according to the color requested and their end use.

We do not use any recycling products in the composition of our lawns, nor do we use heavy metals.

Their shape, their inclination, height, density, are technical parameters integrated into the specifications agreed with our customers.


The quantity of the reels are produced according to the expected production volume.

The technical references, the colors, are kept by computer for later productions or any desired future change.

fiber storage
grass weaving

The spools are then loaded onto the weaving looms in order to start production. Several hours are necessary to settle

the technical parameters of production. The multitude of parameters added to the adjustment time, obliges us to minimum quantities of production.

weaving details

Fifteen production lines allow us to produce several million M2 per year.

The design of our machines allows us to produce rolls with a width of 4 to 5 meters, but which can be cut to the desired size.

The linings are made either in latex or in P.U

The lawn is then manually controlled to clear any debris. It is then cut to the desired size and then rolled

quality control

The rolls are then hermetically wrapped by plastic films identified by different colors and labeled and awaiting shipment.

Rolls storage

A final checking is carried out on each batch in order to verify that the product produced corresponds perfectly to the specifications.

The rolls are then loaded into containers to reach their delivery point.

specification labelling
container loading

The grass which is subject of the below publication was delivered to Cannes (France) according to the illustrations below, two different types, a 16 mm golf lawn as well as a lawn

of 35 mm ornament.

Golf court Cannes ( France)
Golf court France
fourniture de compresseurs pneumatiques, groupes électrogènes, machines-outils numériques, tours , ainsi que toutes autres applications industrielles

Importer de Chine: nous fabriquons variateurs de fréquences, circuits imprimés, logiciel, PCB, afficheurs digitaux, télécommandes, écrans tactiles et automatisation.

Importer de Chine : compresseurs à air comprimé, Machine-outils à commande numérique ( CNC), groupes électrogènes aux normes internationales et sans intermédiaires

Basalt marble stones

Fourniture de matériaux de construction et de roches naturelles,carrelage, basalte de Chine G 684, basalte de Mongolie, pavages et dallages, granites, marbres approvisionnement direct depuis les  carrières. 

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