The best medical technological equipment in aqua-physiotherapy is for sale

June 13, 2017


Upon European customer request, we have developed an aquabiking device, which was required to be unique in the world, capable of containing more than 900 liters of water without Structure distorsion, and to be perfectly autonomous as well as fully reliable in time.


This new device had to include everything that the other systems did not have, and should exclude anything that was unnecessary or hazardous ... for which we had almost integrated its artificial intelligence!

The commitment to this project was for us, the realization of this five-legged sheep, and one of the most ambitious challenge that we were allowed to carry out from A to Z. So, without fear of such claims and with pride, we have created the most sophisticated 

and reliable worldwide aquabiking system !


The market for aquabiking in France collapsed due to the economic situation in the country, aggravated by the refractory position of the banks refusing to finance new installations, and this after many equipment of poor quality came to tarnish the “ Image of this discipline.

Our customer and partner was regrettably obliged to cease its activities and today in order to recover our investment, we want to sell its technology as well as all the systems created and designed for its manufacturing.


Its principle:


The principle is based on the water recycling.

A 1000 liter tank contains the necessary volume of water for its operation.

This water is controlled (Ph) and treated 24/24 and maintained at the desired operating temperature.

After each use, a 30 liter partial water renewal is automatically carried out (according to the standards of the ARS - French  Ministry of Health)

The whole  water volume  is entirely renewed weekly, the sand filter is washed and then rinsed automatically WITHOUT ANY HUMAN INTERVENTION.

The recycling system works as a public swimming pool but more efficient since the water volume is much lower and easy controllable .


An incomparable hygiene level :


Existing systems use mainly fresh water, which has to be heated and subsequently lost.

Using fresh water does not prevent the formation of bacteria! Since they are sown during use by the wearer.

When drained, the water is discharged but the bacteria are fixed in the stagnant parts of the machine (nozzles, pipes) and then, multiplied at the next use.This was a problem raised by the health authorities concerning these"open water" systems, which were not equipped with disinfection systems, because in public use and according to the legislation, "water must be disinfected and disinfectant"!When drained, the water is discharged but the bacteria remains in the stagnant parts of the machine (nozzles, pipes) and then, multiplied at the next use.


Our system has a continuous filtration, fitted  with a 100 kg sand filter for a volume of 1000 liters of water, maintained at the desired temperature.

Chlorine treatment and pH control are carried out 24/24, allowing us to maintain perfectly healthy water. Moreover, we can consider that on a basis of 15 sessions / day,

The water contained in the buffer tank is regenerated to 50% due to the water renewals (30 liters / session).


A very important energy saving


Traditional systems use very large quantities of water, not only to pay, but also to heat it ! Thousands of KW wasted, while we use only 30 liters of water per session (renewal).






We optimised each centimeter in order to achieve a compact ergonomic, reducing the area of the premises.

It is made of   two parts:


- A 50 x 50 mm stainless steel frame, supporting all electromechanical components of the system and part of its pumps,

- A 1000 liter PEHT buffer tank on top equipped with multiple sensors and water supply.


Due to its technology, the connection with the aqua bike is made with only two pipes, while some other systems used 4 or 5 pipes !


                                                                The water is stored in the buffer tank

 and maintained at operating temperature. After several consecutive uses, 

this water, (due to the heat of the massage pumps), tends to warm it up and is therefore automatically brought to temperature by a cooler to be used again at ideal temperature.



















The aquabiking spa

All aquabike systems are made of synthetic fibers or acrylic fibers, with restricted contents, at the risk of being deformed. Moreover, this type of structure tends to deform over time and prevents the application of any safe closure or sealing system simply because the resistance of this structure is less than the pressures necessary for a good seal. That is why all these systems generally contained about 300/400 liters of water, insufficient volume anyway, in order to ensure the lift of the body and to reduce the effort during physical exercise.

We designed a completely new technology to make this Epoxy shell, allowing it to contain more than 930 liters of water and to withstand any risk of deformation, despite its height of 145 cm. The advantage is also at the level of the finished product, its resistance to abrasion, 

wear, ageing, burns, scratches ... allowing even possible repairs without seeing any trace. Its strength gives it exceptional qualities in terms of its homogeneous rigidity, machining, drilling and other treatments that are practiced during manufacture.

The structure is then covered by two acrylic skirts, which follow the             shapes of the machine and hide all   the operating parts.







The "three in one" ...



 We have equipped this aquabike with three separate TOOLS, using the same machine.




It comes with a bike that can be replaced with a treadmill roller, or by an elliptical. The shell is designed to accommodate these 3 accessories.



This TREADMILL, made of  stainless steel, is fitted with nylon  rollers displayed in two asymmetric tracks and without inertia, allowing to practice all the figures of walk into rehabilitation program 


Treadmill inclination is electronically adjustable






How it works


It has been extremely complicated to make it easy to use for the operator, and “simple” for the user as well , without the risk for user interfering in the device management controls.

It is made of a main menu for its programming which works by connecting an external USB terminal to the central unit (operator control) and a touch screen for the whole user functions.

Once the session is launched, the user has access only to the touch-screen keyboard allowing him to use the functions of the device.



                                                                               Operator  functions Menu




The functions of this menu are used to settle the general configuration of the device:


- System date and time


- Schedule weekly draining (total water renewal and cleaning & rinsing sand filter)


- Programming  temperature


- Duration of the session 15 - 30 - 45 minutes +     manual


- Hygiene maintenance information over 60 days


- Selection type of accessory used


- Emptying the buffer tank


- Partial draining of the buffer tank


- Emergency emptying


In the case of an emergency emptying, it is considered that the water may be subject to external pollution, and this is discharged directly to the sewer and not through the device filtration system.






Touch-screen function & Menu (user)


Display of functions for the user

- Time remaining session

- Temperature

- Pressure gauge for massage pumps 1 & 2

- Adjustment of massage pressure pumps 1 & 2

- Control of the back drainage and position, or stop on zone

- Electronic brake force adjustment (bike)

- Electronic adjustment of the levitation angle (treadmill)

- Call button (connected to an external display)

- Emergency stop button (connected to an external display and audible alarm)

- Emergency message in case of stop pedalling 

For safety reasons, stop pedalling for more than 40 seconds triggers an alert message before switching to an emergency water draining out, which will occur if pedalling is not resumed, followed by an audible alarm.





Ultra-fast filling





The filling time is less than 90 seconds and takes place through the bottom of the tank. This advantage eliminates downtime and lost time counts for users as well as for operators.

The user takes his place, the access lock is hydraulically closed, 90 seconds later, the session starts.






                                                                  A powerful massage



The 42 nozzles network is powered by two pumps totaling a power of 6 KW (2 x 30 M3 / h - 4 bar) controlled by a double frequency converter, allowing to adjust the pressure and water flow.


The back massage is made through a sequential drainage system able to precisely target specific back areas.









Full and safe water sealing



The access lock is made of two independent parts, sharing the closing pressure without interfering with the device structure.


It is secured by a closing control device preventing to start a session if it is not properly closed.


means water network is not activated

until the safety is reached.


The closing is controlled by an actuator with 400 Kg pressure used at about 10% of its capacity. A safety gutter can be used to recover droplets of water and return them to the inside of the spa during use.





The system therefore takes care of all the daily maintenance tasks, the weekly maintenance tasks without the need for the human to get hold of it! The unit is fully independent in its operation and maintenance.


This should be emphasized by the fact that staff assigned to the use of "traditional" machines have to wait for the center to close, in order to carry out the various manipulations required by these systems and consequently additional operating costs !


It is the only device that retained the interest of physiotherapists and medical professions, mainly because of its large volume of water which is essential to be efficient in therapy.





A particular care on “details"



Many details that seems insignificant, are of vital importance during use.


This is why we have studied a saddle with a special curve in order to avoid the pain of the buttocks … because the saddles are generally designed for road biking and extremely uncomfortable for those who use this type of devices.





All of the delivered units are still perfectly working without the slightest customer service because of the initial design where we had to eliminate any risk of failure, using state-of-the-art equipment for every component, including targeted fragile items 

such as touch screens. But we NEVER changed any screen!


In the event that we have to transfer this technology, we would ensure the implementation and the total realization of this device and the complete transfer of its technology. For further information, please contact us.








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The best medical technological equipment in aqua-physiotherapy is for sale

June 13, 2017

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