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Choosing a type of turf is not easy. We must first be attentive to several essential parameters, which will then define its properties according to its use:


Its exposure to the sun requiring resistant UV treatments,

Climate, temperature variation, humidity, rainfall,

The temperature taking into account any dilations,

The soil and its nature in order to adapt the best pose,

Attendance to determine its resistance.

After several years of evaluations, we have reached at the desired result
, allowing us to offer lawns that meet the criteria of use in the West and

approved by FIFA, whether for intense, such as on a football pitch, or

when perfect linearity is required, such as on a golf course.

Depending on the end use, turf must meet several specific criteria,

concerning its density, the number of tufts / M2.

Some types of artificial turf of very high quality, leave no apparent

difference with a real natural grass. Depending on the types, they are woven in several colors to reproduce exactly the appearance of the grass, see for some, the small dried grass strands.

The final criterion remains its appearance but especially the "touch" in contact with the grass ! Too firm is not comfortable if you have to lie down on it. We show you some of our models.

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synthetic turf golf court.jpeg

The artificial grass used for golf is the Curly type, which allows the ball to roll as smoothly as possible over a very homogeneous surface, which is much easier than on a natural surface dotted with grasses.

The height of the curly grass extends from 10 > 16 mm according to your wishes . Tests are regularly carried out to check the good running properties and the distance traveled by the ball, as video example included here.


We produce specific turf for the US and Canada market.

They are less popular in Europe, but offer denser and bushier aspects.

You will find the catalog below available in PDF

All the textures indicated above are modifiable on demand, whether it concerns the texture, the color, the height of the strands, the density, all the parameters are modifiable during the putting in manufacture.

The minimum production quantities are usually 1000 M2 by reference. We send you a sample which is then accepted or modified. If it is a custom made, a sample is sent to you, which will serve as a proof test to the delivery. Our prices are very competitive without mentioning our mastery and total control during production.


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