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Import of China - Einfuhr aus China - Importación de China -Import dalla Cina

You wish to import from China ?

You wish to secure your investment in China ?

You wish to export towards China?

We suggest you being your ambassador.

Importing from China allows you to import very high technology products, sometimes entirely produced by subcontracting ensuring all the guarantees.


Import from China with full reliability at better conditions through various industrial fields. With an experience of twenty years in Asia and especially in China, we offer our expertise through several industry sectors divided into two distinct branches:

The manufacture of synthetic lawns for sports fields, synthetic football lawns, tennis courts, synthetic turf for golf courses, kindergartens, amusement parks, as well as all types of artificial and artificial turf for decoration gardens and parks.

All our products are free of heavy metals and produced in accordance with European and American standards. Our products are classified among the 5 best qualities in the world.




Developing, manufacturing under the roof of the largest workshop in the world, requires almost constant controls relating not only to the production of a finished product, but of all the components that constitute it, often see controlling these components, their origin and property. of the raw materials used.




Software and PCB Development

Climatic engineering

Heat pumps, air conditioning


Machining of steels and metals, PVC materials

Furniture and decoration

Furniture, sofas and leathers, kitchens, lighting


Children's clothing, clothing

Industrial supplies

Pumps, motorbikes - reducers, cylinders, machine tool, compressed air compressors, generator sets

Sanitary equipment

Baths, bathroom accessories, fittings, thermostatic mixers

Medical equipment (dental chairs, portable units, sterilization

X-ray generators, operating tables, manual and electric wheelchairs)



China is a huge territory. For small and medium-sized businesses, import from China represents  a

significant investment as much financial as in time, without having the guarantee of an ideal solution. Overcoming the language and communication barrier, the company will have to consider several

travel to ensure follow-up in the development of his project, whether industrial or in the simple search for an adequate local partner.


A significant economy

- Our mission is to represent you locally, in order to meet your objectives, and thus, to earn you a

precious time.



A mission totally adapted to your needs

- We work on all or part of your project as part of the mission entrusted to us.



- Search for manufacturers commercial partners

We have a wide range of manufacturers capable of responding in every way to your project, in strict compliance with your specifications that we define together.


We provide:

- Control and compliance with European standards, TUV, as well as any other requisition.

- Control of the raw materials used in sampling

- Control of materials during production

- An expedition for control and acceptance by you

- Permanent control of the production chain

- Quantitative and packaging control




















Heating pumps Air-con cooler
General plumbing supplies, manufacture of thermostatic mixers, stainless steel clamps, general machining
Water pumps air turbines
Numerical machining of all types of metals
customized stainless steel tanks, automation
dental chairs electric wheelchairs

Dehumidification, heating, reversible heat pump, air conditioning, water coolers

Motorized valves, PVC supplies, check valves, thermostatic mixers, custom valves, pressure gauges, pressure reducers, stainless steel clamps, siphons, drains, level sensors, pneumatic controls

Pumps - dosing pumps - air turbines - blower - stainless steel pumps, iron. cast  pumps, PVC pumps

PVC tanks, reinforced PE tanks, custom stainless steel tanks, development and integral design of automation systems

Stainless steel, bronze, metals machining, CNC, industrial boilermaking, machining mechanism, gear motors, electric actuators

Dental chairs, dental equipment, manual foldable electric wheelchairs, surgical tables, X-ray generators, Doppler unit, medical equipment

office and kitchen supply

Office furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, lamps, interior decoration

bathroom furniture

Bathtubs, massage chairs, wash basins, bathroom furnitures, bathroom accessories, whirlpool tubs, spa

 circuits and software automation

Frequency inverter, printed circuit boards, software, PCB, digital displays, remote controls, touch screens

CNC machines

Compressed air compressors, CNC machine tools, power generators

Stones marble

Supply of building materials and natural rocks, floor tile, basalt of China G 684, basalt of Mongolia, paving and tiling, granites, marble Direct supply from quarries.


fourniture de compresseurs pneumatiques, groupes électrogènes, machines-outils numériques, tours , ainsi que toutes autres applications industrielles

Importer de Chine: nous fabriquons variateurs de fréquences, circuits imprimés, logiciel, PCB, afficheurs digitaux, télécommandes, écrans tactiles et automatisation.

Importer de Chine : compresseurs à air comprimé, Machine-outils à commande numérique ( CNC), groupes électrogènes aux normes internationales et sans intermédiaires

Basalt marble stones

Fourniture de matériaux de construction et de roches naturelles,carrelage, basalte de Chine G 684, basalte de Mongolie, pavages et dallages, granites, marbres approvisionnement direct depuis les  carrières. 

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