Import of China - Einfuhr aus China - Importación de China -Import dalla Cina

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You wish to import from China ?

You wish to secure your investment in China ?

You wish to export towards China?

We suggest you being your ambassador.

With an experience of about twenty years in Asia in particularly in China through several industrial sectors, I wish to offer you the sharing of this experience by providing you with, the necessary and adequate means,

to find your reliable partner or ideal supplier.


The Chinese culture is very different from the western culture and it's necessary to be soaked with it, to optimize a

perfect communication between the parties, and so, define exactly the expectations of each.

It is one of essential points, over whom stumbles number of Westerners through their marketing practices.


To develop, to make under the roof of the biggest worlwide workshop, requires almost constant controls concerning

not only the realization of a finished product, but all the components which constitute it, to see often checking these components, their origin and the property of the used raw materials.


During many years China has manufactured cheap products.

The image of the "made in China" has become lower and lower and mainly due to the financial requirement of buyers always asking lower prices

In China, among many honest manufacturers,  it's possible to manufacture a similar product under many different way.

The main parameter is its production price, and this is the main error, which buyers often did make. We know by experience the final cost and prejudice for a company to sell not reliable or defective products on their market, which becomes more higher cost than a product  even manufactured in Europe !

The World, China evolves, salaries increases, the qualification and the rigor are now established.


Today, everyone knows that China makes a multitude of finished products of upper upscale segment in various

industrial domains, (taking for example our mobile phones, televisions) produced which we use daily and without any problem of functioning.


The quality, the reliability directly depends on controls and on the rigor of these controls. It's consequently necessary

to optimize the communication just as much as the on-site presence.





China is a huge territory. For small and medium-sized enterprises, traveling represents an important investment just as much financial than at the level of time, without having the guarantee to find an ideal solution. Crossing besides the

barrier of language and communication, the company will have to envisage several travels to make sure of a follow-up

in the development of its project, that it is industrial or in the simple search for an adequate local partner.


An important economy

- Our mission consists in representing you locally, to answer your objectives, and so, make you win a precious time.



A mission totally adapted to your needs

- We intervene on quite or left your project within the framework of the mission which is entrusted to us


Search for manufacturers or business partners

- We have a manufacturer's wide range capable of answering in every aspect of your project, in the strict respect for

your specifications which we define together.




We provide:

- The Control and the conformity with the European standards, TUV, as well as any other requirement..

- The control of raw materials used in the sampling

- The control of the raw materials in the course of production

- A sample shipping for control and acceptance by your care

- Permanent control of the production line

- Control of the packagings and conformity before shipment.


Specific search and technical and industrial Development

- We take care of the elaboration and of the realization of your project, we develop with you the various phases and

define together, the specifications, the various phases as well as the timetable.


Export & delivery


- We can manage shippings, choose the most competitive transport companies through railroad, sea or air freight







Development Software and PCB

Environmental engineering

Hot air pumps, air conditioning

Metal industry

Steels and metals processing, PVC material

Home furnishing and decoration

Furniture, sofas and leathers, kitchens, lamps

Textile industries

Children clothing business

Industrial supplies

Pumps, gear motors, actuators, machine-tool, compressors and air compressors, engine generators  set

Sanitary equipment

Bathtubs, accessories bathroom, faucet factory, temperature control taps

Medical equipment

Dental armchairs, units generative mobiles, X-rays sterilization, operating tables, manual and electric wheelchairs


Other specific requests


We intervene naturally through other industrial domains which we can't list here

and we thank you in advance to contact us regarding this subject





If you want to import into China, many fastidious administrative procedures often prove necessary and we are able to

ease the access steps to the Chinese market,  indicate you the different legal procedures to follow, or perform on your behalf, in order to totally protect you against any type of subsequent inconvenience.


We can also carry out in-depth market research by indicating potential risks and, if necessary, and how to avoid them.

In this context, we can carry out a prospecting on your behalf in order to connect you with potential distributors or importers.



That's calculated based on the service requested ans well as the necessary working time for its implementation.

Depending on the type of mission, it may be in the form of a percentage or a lump sum.

Administrative fees required aside for the study to be carried out, are then deducted of our global invoice .



Some of our references and achievements:

(The illustrations below shows some of the products and achievements we have been working out with our suppliers

over the past few years.)




















Dehumidification, heating, reversible heat pump, air conditioning, water coolers

Motorized valves, PVC supplies, check valves, thermostatic mixers, custom valves, pressure gauges, pressure reducers, stainless steel clamps, siphons, drains, level sensors, pneumatic controls

Pumps - dosing pumps - air turbines - blower - stainless steel pumps, iron. cast  pumps, PVC pumps

PVC tanks, reinforced PE tanks, custom stainless steel tanks, development and integral design of automation systems

Stainless steel, bronze, metals machining, CNC, industrial boilermaking, machining mechanism, gear motors, electric actuators

Dental chairs, dental equipment, manual foldable electric wheelchairs, surgical tables, X-ray generators, Doppler unit, medical equipment

Office furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, lamps, interior decoration

Bathtubs, massage chairs, wash basins, bathroom furnitures, bathroom accessories, whirlpool tubs, spa


Frequency inverter, printed circuit boards, software, PCB, digital displays, remote controls, touch screens

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