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Garden lighting is very expensive!

Installing an outdoor lighting device is very expensive
It is necessary to make trenches between the sources, to use special cables and isolations between the studs.
Given the embarrassment of the current choice on the market, we have only a few models running on a cable network, reducing electricity consumption but not exempting underground installations. In this sector of activity, we favor the design that we execute on plan and according to your expectations and your parameters, be it the size, the power or the aesthetics.

The lighting of tomorrow

It will no longer be limited by its implementation costs, it can be placed at any place without the need to wire the network! It already works today by capturing solar energy.

At the current stage of evolution in this field, we are currently working on the development of some new models, combining aesthetics with numerous technical constraints.

Our technical developments come from orders that are sent to us by our customers and currently only work on models developed specifically for these customers.

borne d'eclairage et balisage_edited.jpg
REF VUF 1733
LED SOLAR 2_edited.jpg
Solar lighting
LED SOLAR 3_edited.jpg
Solar lighting

Wired LED lighting, Height 600 MM - 240 LEDs 25 W - 3000 ~ 6500 K 50000 hours.


If you want any information on this subject, we invite you to contact us to study together your project.
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